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       Materialise is an international high-tech  product company with a broad domain of expertise, ranging from Rapid Prototyping, Software Engineering & Development, innovative biomedical R&D & planning software, product design.
      The Kyiv office of Materialise is the world's largest software R&D centre in CAD/CAM and medical software. It makes the core of the Materialise Software division and delivers a broad range of integrated software solutions.
      The company experiences a strong growth and offers excellent international career opportunities. If you are in search of excellent opportunities for self-realization and career advancement, strive to work in a software development company with high professional values and ethics, interested in product development resulting in a better and healthier world, you've come to the right place!
For more information about the Materialise Group and its activities, please visit the company's corporate web site:
      Our contacts:
      Tel: +38 044 594 56 10
      Fax: +38 044 594 56 11
      vul. Raisy Okipnoi 8A
      02002 Kiev Ukraine